Passive Optical Networking

Tellabs is a pioneer in Passive Optical Networking (PON). Tellabs has experience with high-volume commercial deployment of broadband PON and groundbreaking adaptation of PON for enterprise Local Area Networks (LANs). Today, Tellabs is credited with supporting the largest FTTH PON, as well as the largest Optical LAN (OLAN) in North America.

Passive Optical LAN

Helps optimize modern network connectivity inside buildings and across campus over fiber.

Software Defined Networks

Define network resources in software and dynamically allocate based on real-time needs.

Strict Security with Optical LAN


A more secure modern fiber-based network that exceeds agencies mission-critical needs.

High Availability with Optical LAN


A better way to build networks with less downtime, while lowering costs, reducing human error and improving security.

Operational Efficiencies

Improve IT efficiencies by increasing speed of LAN configurations, monitoring, troubleshooting and MACs.

Contributions Optical LAN Delivers to Healthy, Green and Smart Building


Passive Optical LAN delivers quantifiable benefits to healthy, green, and smart building design.


Tellabs is an innovation leader in fiber-based technologies. Tellabs has many first to market successes and a long history of constant investments in fiber optic R&D innovations.

Tellabs FlexAir is a unified wireless and Optical LAN solution


Tellabs FlexAir™ combines the best wireless access points, cloud-based management, and Passive Optical LAN for a unified enterprise network solution.