Student Housing Expert Transforms Five New Campuses With Optical LAN

It’s no secret that campus networks are struggling to meet bandwidth needs of college students. To solve this, according to the 2014 State of ResNet report by ACUTA, NACUBO and ACUHO-I, more campuses are opting to strengthen bandwidth management to cope with increased demand.


But, campuses can’t easily manage or add bandwidth with their traditional network infrastructures based on copper. To add more bandwidth, these require more and more cabling and equipment, as well frequent infrastructure updates, which just doesn’t make sense. For modern campuses, this approach simply won’t cut it.


Aware of this, student housing expert Elauwit recently deployed an alternative – fiber-based Optical LAN solution from Tellabs, with the help from our partner CORE Telecom, across five new college campuses. By choosing fiber over copper, these campuses benefit from:


  • Nearly unlimited bandwidth and faster speeds for wired and Wi-Fi communications
  • A network that doesn’t need constant upgrades to keep pace with the growing bandwidth needs
  • Simple network management
  • Network that fits nicely with the cottage-style properties

Taylor Jones, CTO at Elauwit, says, “Whether it’s streaming high-quality video or simply browsing through online study materials, bandwidth needs of college students put campus networks under huge pressure. Following the success of the previous deployment, we knew Tellabs’ Optical LAN was the only way to future-proof college campuses,” Jones continues.


For more details, read the news release here. Did you know this is Elauwit’s second deployment of Optical LAN in the last year?