Take Your Network Security To Another Level With Panorama PON Manager

One of the many appealing features of Tellabs’ Optical LAN is our Panorama PON Manager that provides a centralized intelligence and element management system across the entire LAN. In a recent blog, we addressed the system’s simplicity.


But, the PON Manager further improves the network’s security.




You may already know that fiber-based Optical LAN is far more secure that copper-based cabling. This is because fiber is more difficult to physically tap and is not subjected to electro-magnetic interference, RF interference, nor electro-magnetic pulse.


Our Panorama PON Manager takes these benefits to another level by enabling IT managers to:


  • Define strict security policies to block malicious activities
  • Control access of the network on a per-use or per-device basis
  • Set user privileges, assuring no one oversteps IT staff’s roles and responsibility
  • Implement the defined security policies across all managed LANs for maximum overarching process consistency locally, regionally and internationally

Our solution’s security management features are an important reason why customers choose Tellabs.


Just ask Sandia National Laboratories, an agency that is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, that is using Tellabs’ Optical LAN for its secure network.


For more information about the Panorama PON Manager, click here.