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ADSL2+ 6+6B Plug-in Card

  • Integrated DSL+POTS (6+6) interface enables you to cost-effectively support a 100% take-rate of IPTV and High Speed Internet (HSI) services on day one.
  • The ADSL2+ 6+6B card provides bit rates up to 24 Mbps downstream and over 1.4 Mbps upstream on a single copper pair.
  • By bonding two adjacent ports, you can achieve 48 Mbps downstream and over 2.8 Mbps upstream.
  • Higher bit rates help you keep up with the growing broadband demands of IPTV, VoD, HSI and Over-the-Top services.

VDSL2 6+6 Plug-in Card

  • Both VDSL2 and ADSL2+ bonding for twice the bandwidth across two pairs
  • Supports PTM and ATM traffic options per port for packet or ATM transmission
  • ADSL2+ fallback from VDSL2 and from PTM to ATM for best reach and rate
  • 17a profile for 5-band (17 Mhz) support, maximizing bandwidth within short CSAs
  • Single Ended Line Test (SELT) proactively qualifies line distance, gauge and noise
  • Low-power mode transition, at port level, saves power during port inactivity
  • Power shut-off feature, at port level, saves power during battery backup conditions
  • Power shut-off feature, at port level, saves power during battery backup conditions

Expansion Bank Control (EBC-3)

  • Enables simple system expansion and control for expansion shelves
  • Supports transport of ATM, Ethernet and TDM traffic between shelves
  • Interfaces to an ELU-3 plug-in card in a primary shelf
  • Generates status updates to the CPU via the ELU plug-in card
  • CRC protection on the expansion link
  • Dual memory support for non-service affecting programming
  • Receives DDS timing from the primary shelf
  • Ability to derive timing reference from expansion shelf and transport it to primary shelf via the ELU plug-in card
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