Tellabs 1000 MSAP Unwavering Support for Legacy Narrowband Special Services

Service provider networks are evolving to take advantage of new technologies that support users’ insatiable demand for bandwidth. But change does not happen overnight, and legacy telecom services continue to remain an important part of network operations. In many cases, large and small businesses have made big investments in legacy equipment and related processes. When the companies expand to new locations, or add capacity, it often makes sense to continue deploying embedded technologies, and in some cases, government tariffs regulate that service providers must offer services that fall into the “legacy” category.


Tellabs Broadband products are well suited to meet the demands of all services in today’s networks with a clear path to evolving services. Tellabs is the industry’s only telecom equipment provider that supports service providers’ needs for all legacy services while simultaneously providing emerging services. The Tellabs 1000 Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP) offers many legacy analog interfaces that support Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) two and four-wire switched and non-switched services. Examples of services include ISDN, Coin, DID/DOD, FXS/FXO, as well as support for Centrex and PBX [see table below].


Tellabs 1000 MSAP chart of all special services supported


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