Tellabs 1131 OLT: Good Things Come In Small Packages

Over the course of the last year, Tellabs’ Optical LAN solution has enjoyed great success.  From Santa Fe Public Schools, SK Food Group and Elauwit, to the Aurora Public Library and Miles & Stockbridge HQ, more and more organizations are reaping its benefits.  We’ve talked a lot about Optical LAN’s simplicity, scalability and stability, but have you ever wondered what’s at the heart of the system that delivers these benefits?


It all starts with the Optical Line Terminal (OLT).


The Tellabs OLT family provides centralized intelligence, management and control of the Optical LAN infrastructure.  Our OLTs optimize capex, energy consumption and space requirements.  They provide aggregation and distribution functions, and typically reside in a building’s main data center.  But, every building and data center is different, and one-size OLT does not fit all.


The Tellabs 1131 OLT is the most recent addition to our OLT family.  It provides a small form-factor OLT for low-density enterprise LAN deployments.  It comes equipped with four 1 GbE and two 10 GbE network uplinks.  It supports four G-PON service ports and up to 512 ONTs in many different flexible configurations.  It is ideal for regional offices, smaller schools, boutique hotels/resorts, healthcare clinics, physician offices and small enterprise facilities.


To learn more about the 1131 OLT, click here.