Tellabs Advantage Channel Partner Program Rewards Growth And Excellence

At the 2017 Tellabs Partner Conference in February, I had the pleasure of introducing the new Tellabs™ Advantage Channel Partner Program with the expressed intent of rewarding our strong partner eco-system for their hard work, growth and excellence.


Tellabs Advantage Channel Partner Program has been implemented to assure specific benefits for our partners:


  1. Enhanced Sales and Marketing support
  2. Augmented Training and Education
  3. Provide access to Demo and Lab Equipment
  4. Extended access to Tellabs Online Resource Center
  5. Assistance with Business Planning
  6. Supplemental Professional Services
  7. Incremental Technical Assistance Center (TAC) entitlements
  8. Robust Field Deployment Tool Kit
  9. Enhanced product discounts

At the end of the day, we wanted to enrich our existing Channel Partner Program with additional privileges in 2017, with the firm desire to accelerate our partners’ ability to grow their business and increase revenue opportunities.


If you are an integrator or reseller and would like to learn more about Tellabs Advantage Channel Partner Program, we encourage you to read through our summary of benefits.