Tellabs Lends A Helping Hand For Southeast Texas Recovery In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

Over the past couple of weeks, Tellabs has been working dutifully to help fellow Texans recover and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.


We have been aiding our telecommunications customers in their restoration efforts in the southeast Texas cities of Rockport, Port Arthur, Beaumont and Houston. We’ve established a direct line-of-communications with the impacted service providers primary points of contact offering system design, bill of material creation, inventory confirmation, ordering and logistics help. Where skill-set gaps are encountered, we’ve stepped in to provide impromptu training to empower the customers directly and locally.


If you are wanting assistance relative to Hurricane Harvey or Irma recovery, please start with contacting the Tellabs Emergency Response Team. We are ready to help with Order Management, Supply Chain, Demand Management, Product Line Management, Customer Services, Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and Account Management resources to help restore customer services to the impacted networks as quickly as possible.


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