Tellabs Nexus™ Is A Nucleus Of Resources That Connect Our Partner’s And Customer’s Success To Ours

It is Tellabs’ goal to build a vibrant network of partners and customers. To aid in that pursuit, we have created a place where our partners and customer can access the information and support they need in an environment that is intuitive, personalized, and mobile-friendly.


This week marks the launch of Tellabs nexus™ to facilitate that direct connection between customers, partners and Tellabs.


Tellabs nexus is purpose built from the ground up by a cross-functional Tellabs team, with critical input from our partners. The underlying framework of nexus assures that Services, Support, Training, Technology, Sales and Marketing resources are only a few clicks away. From one screen and in one location, our extended eco-system family will be able to access tools, configurators, design guides, eLearning, technical assistance, software downloads, tech talk, certifications and eCommerce resources.


Tellabs nexus is the cornerstone of Tellabs’ resources for our network of partners and customers. We endeavor deliver access solutions that are good for the industry today and tomorrow – building a successful connected community.


Tellabs partners, and customers (customers with support contracts) are encouraged to sign-up today!