Tellabs ONT140W offers unlimited color choices for the ONT faceplates.

How often do you get a truly “unlimited” offer? Tellabs provides the option to order faceplates for the ONT140W in any color on the spectrum.


The color possibilities are infinite!

If you like sarcoline, coquelicot or smaragdine – we’ve got you covered. If you prefer mikado, glaucous or fulvous colors – we can make that happen too. But then again, fulvous and coquelicot are so similar, can you really tell them apart?


Why is this important?

Architects, consultants and engineers will love the ability to match the wall faceplate’s color with the decor of their buildings. Our reseller partners love the fact that they can meet these aesthetic requirements with Tellabs’ brilliantly engineered Optical LAN solution.  Our end-customers love the fact that they don’t have to trade office appearance for the advantages of Optical LAN in their network.


For details on how to order

These faceplates are custom and made-to-order, so lead times should be verified with your Tellabs sales executive during the planning phase of the project.  Minimum order quantities apply.


Next week, we’ll discuss the functional design of the ONT140W that allows for an easy installation process during construction, while eliminating the risk of damage to the ONT.


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