Tellabs Optical LAN Helps Automate 70% LAN Activities, Reduce Outages By 50% And Deliver Services 50% Faster

Today I contributed to an APOLAN webinar covering how Passive Optical LAN’s centralized architecture, intelligence and management aligns very well with LAN requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT).


Why is this?


OLAN’s positive impact on IoT comes from its’ inherent capability to automate network activities. When you combine OLAN’s centralized intelligence, plus Tellabs Panorama PON Manager, you then have the tools to automate the LAN’s initial provisioning and everyday moves-adds-changes, better known as MACs. This automation functionality is important enough for CIO and IT pros to go ahead and choose OLAN, but automation also improves network availability, security and helps with IT skillset gap.


Can LAN automation really provide all those benefits?


In a recent Gartner Research titled “Take These Six Steps to a Better Network“, Gartner lists implementing network automation as one of the best possible initiatives for senior network leaders to pursue in the quest to improve LAN agility, increase uptime and reduce operating costs. They further state that the organizations that automate more than 70% of their network activities will reduce the number of network outages by at least 50% and deliver network services 50% faster.


If you want to learn more about how Tellabs Optical LAN can deliver advanced operational efficiencies, and how Tellabs Panorama PON Manager can automate LAN activities, please visit our website.