Tellabs Optical LAN Is Accelerating The New Enterprise

It was great timing to host the Tellabs 4th Annual User Workshop and Partner Conference on January 19th and 20th at the Crystal City Marriott ahead of the infamous blizzard hitting the Washington DC metro.


Temperatures were brisk outside, but inside we were warmed to confirm that the nearly 200 attendees including customers, distributors, resellers and vendor alliance Partners were benefiting from the technical and business advantages of Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN).


Mike Dagenais, Tellabs President and CEO, kicked off both User Workshop and Partner Conference with the affirming news that Tellabs Optical LAN accounts for the majority of Passive Optical LAN (POL) deployments in North America and overwhelming number of US Federal Agency deployments. Mr. Dagenais also stated, “100% of all the large 20,000 Ethernet port POL deployments worldwide are Tellabs OLAN systems.”


Passive Optical LAN user case studies from a wide variety of market verticals were provided by Hans Keller Vice President of IT Operations at Erickson Living, Richard E. Wagner Network Architecture & Emerging Technologies Marriott International, Matthew Baio Vice President of IT Americas for Marriott International and Dan DelGrosso Navy Technical Director Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems.


Dave Cunningham, Tellabs Director Business Development, delivered product and solution updates in support of the notion that Tellabs Optical LAN assures ultimate enterprise LAN security. Mr. Cunningham said, “Tellabs ONTs provide the highest level of security in the market without retaining sensitive and private User information.


Governor George Allen, former Governor of Virginia and U.S. Senator described how Tellabs Optical LAN is a benefit to the United States in many ways, including; improving the US economy, energy savings over historical networks, enabling superior fiber-based networks for the good of all people.

Mike Dagenais closed the 2-day event reminding both Users and Partners that Tellabs Optical LAN is the only true enterprise solution compared to other POL and residential-quality G-PON competitors. Mr. Dagenais reiterated, “Tellabs Optical LAN solution affords our Users and Partners today to have the most cost effective solutions for future 10G connectivity and quickly evolving wireless technologies.


The winds are changing favorably for Passive Optical LAN. The ramifications of getting stuck with 20-year-old traditional copper based IT infrastructure have far greater financial impact on a business than the impact of 100-year winter blizzard. In 2016 Tellabs is committed to delivering a simple, stable, scalable and secure alternative to legacy copper-based LANs, that allows our User’s and Partner’s businesses to accelerate in the new millennium.