Tellabs Optical LAN SR29.1 Is Generally Available And Shipping In Volume To Our Enterprise Customers

Exciting news! Earlier today we distributed a national news release announcing that the Tellabs Optical LAN series Software Release (SR) 29.1 is generally available and shipping in volume to our enterprise customers in the hospitality, transportation, mixed-use and business enterprise markets.


The SR29.1 launch delivers five key innovations to our OLAN customers with the addition of the hospitality-focused Tellabs 142R Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and the outdoor Tellabs 140W Integrated Connection Enclosure (ICE). It also includes enhancements to all three Advanced Security, Advanced Availability and Advanced Operations Software Packages.

The SR29.1 deliverables exemplify Tellabs’ responsiveness in engineering solutions to customer challenges, across many enterprise market verticals and through constant product and solution innovation.

To learn more about Tellabs Optical LAN series SR29.1 and the Tellabs 142R ONT, please visit the Tellabs website.