Tellabs To Discuss The Challenges Of Innovation At BICSI Canada

Commodore computers, Polaroid cameras and copper-based enterprise local area networks (LAN) are all relics of the past.  They all conjure up nostalgic memories of yester-year and outdated technology.  Their rightful place today is in museums to be remembered by us and to amuse our children.


Thank goodness the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) was an early adopter of Tellabs Optical LAN as an upgrade to their legacy copper-based switched LANs.  On Wednesday, May 4th Tellabs’ Michael Wilson (RCDD) will be joined by Kristian Zebrosky of AECOM to present “Government ICT Innovation – Lessons Learned from US DoD Adoption and Implementation of Passive Optical LAN” at the BICSI Canada Conference in Niagara Falls.  This educational session will review case studies of US DoD deployments of Passive Optical LAN and the challenges faced along the way.  While focused on DoD deployments, the lessons learned apply to many LAN implementations across multiple markets.


Tellabs and AECOM have worked on numerous DoD projects together, and have gathered a few “Do’s” and “Don’t” along the way in how to properly implement change within massive organizations.  Tellabs and AECOM will go into depth on a few of those DoD projects (for example: Tellabs USMC MCRD case study and Tellabs US Army Fort Campbell case study) and solicit a 2-way conversation with the attendees to answer all the questions possible.


Instead of spending time at an old stuffy museum, we suggest you visit Tellabs website to learn about how modern high performance Passive Optical LANs are deployed in the most secure government, intelligence and military networks in USA.