The link between software-defined networking and Passive Optical LANs

In this Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine article, Tellabs executive puts forth the proposition:


  • “Under the assumption that SDN fixes traditional LAN operational efficiencies, security and reliability shortcomings. However, what they don’t realize is that by bolting-on SDN as an overlay to a legacy LAN design, they leave the inherent weakness of traditional LANs.”
  • “Adding complexity with SDN can marginally improve LAN operational efficiencies, security and reliability, but by introducing more sophistication, the fixes can negatively contribute to the same attributes they were intended to repair.”
  • “Furthermore, there are alternative means of addressing the underlying fundamental faults relative to traditional LAN … that specifically fix root problems.”

Passive Optical LAN, Tellabs explains, is one such alternative means.


You can read the complete CI&M magazine article here.