Top-10 most popular Optical LAN news for 2018 based on your clicks!

You voted these Optical LAN online posts to be the most popular individual news items based on your clicks through-out the year 2018. Bundled together, they represent a snapshot of many of the major achievements for Tellabs, our partners and Optical LAN over the past 12-months.


  1. Our 10G OLAN white paper describing the graceful migration to next-gen PON.
  2. The Kraus-Anderson case study covering their new headquarters OLAN installation.
  3. An on-demand video discussing the business reasons why airports adopt OLAN.
  4. Jim Norrod’s blog introducing the Tellabs 10G XGS-PON FlexSym Series launch.
  5. The Optical LAN true enterprise “Must-Haves” white paper.
  6. Our blog describing the three easy steps to installing the Tellabs ONT140W.
  7. SR30.0 delivers 12 new software enhancements, and a 8-port ONT, informative blog.
  8. A blog about how Gartner recommends OLAN as an alternative network design.
  9. Our news release introducing the OLAN singlemode to multimode optical splitters.
  10. A Tellabs Panorama PON Manager blog talking about all its new SR30.0 features.

These white papers, videos, news releases, case studies and blogs showcase the many successes of Optical LAN in 2018. With this momentum pushing forward, the stage is set for continued growth in 2019 for the technology, greater industry, Tellabs and our valued partners!


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