Twice The Fun: Law Firm Deploys Optical LAN In Second Location

Baltimore-based law firm Miles & Stockbridge has been enjoying the benefits of an Optical LAN infrastructure in their headquarters for quite some time now. The firm’s CIO Ken Adams was in fact so pleased that he recently deployed the solution in another office in Virginia.


“From our previous deployment in Baltimore, we knew Optical LAN was superior to the traditional copper-based LAN in many ways, so selecting it for the new office was a no-brainer,” said Adams.

In the new office, Optical LAN provides gigabit speeds to support the firm’s VoIP, IPTV, HD security cameras, A/V technology and data services. These services are all integrated in a single converged architecture with centralized management, which makes Miles & Stockbridge’s network simpler and makes its operations and management more efficient.


The deployment also includes the Mini ONTs, world’s smallest Optical Network Terminals (ONTs). They fit neatly into a standard wall outlet or inside a cubicle raceway and are powered over Ethernet, making them a perfect fit for an office building.


To learn more, read the announcement made today. To hear directly from Miles & Stockbridge, watch a video filmed in the company’s HQ here.