We Stand Ready To Help In The Recovery Efforts In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey And Hurricane Irma

In response to the devastating flooding and damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Tellabs has activated our Emergency Response Team. This dedicated team is standing by with the purpose of providing timely support to our customers throughout their recovery efforts.


Our cross-functional Emergency Response Team includes Tellabs experts from Order Management, Supply Chain, Demand Management, Product Line Management, Customer Services, Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and Account Management Representatives, all of which are working to help restore customer services to the impacted networks.


To that end, Tellabs Account Representatives have established a direct line of communications with our customers. Order Management has identified equipment that is ready to ship immediately and is engaged with Supply Chain to assure inventory exists to meet on-going demand. Our TAC [1-­800-­690-­2324, option 1] is fielding calls 24 hours a day and has established a process that expedites our assistance into these effected regions.


Our hearts are with the folks impacted by these unfortunate hurricanes and we are prepared to offer assistance.


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