You’ve got to see this! The latest CI&M Webinar on Passive Optical LAN.

The Cabling Installation and Maintenance “Passive Optical LAN Systems, Components, and Design” webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.


In this webinar, you will hear from TellabsEXFO and OCC about how Passive Optical LAN systems can save time, space and money for a modern local area networks in all vertical industries.



In particular, Tellabs speaks to how LANs have changed over the three decades and yet nobody seems to have noticed, because the LAN design remains basically the same. While traditional, copper-based switched networks have stayed in place, the network complexities have increased ten-fold and the demand for always-on connectivity, strict security and proliferation of IP-enable devices has grown exponentially inside buildings and across a campus – and these complexities are actually putting your business at risk. The truth is, it’s time to rethink LAN design and consider Passive Optical LAN as a better choice for modern, contemporary enterprise networks. Tellabs demonstrates this with a summary of the Sinclair Holdings OLAN case study.


If you would like to watch this informative 1-hour OLAN webinar now, please click here.


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