Webinar Replay: Transportable Communications using Optical LAN

Watch our webinar replay now, and you will learn more about ACUITY® LAN, a joint solution from the innovation leaders at Tellabs and Tyto Athene. ACUITY LAN uniquely combines turn-key data center, wireless (Wi-Fi, cellular) and Optical LAN in small form-factor transit case. It is a superior transportable network compared to legacy ad-hoc solutions because it is:


  • Fully contained and more secure communications
  • Compact one rack unit LAN solution in a hand carry transit case
  • Reliable and scalable for rapid deployment and redeployment.

Transportable Communications using Passive Optical LAN
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Whether we are talking about emergency response, outdoor events, large venues or forward deployed military networks, the inherent weaknesses of legacy copper-based networks become an even greater burden in mission critical tactical and transportable environments.  The better choice is to build and operate these temporary networks leveraging all the advantages of a fiber-based Passive Optical LAN design.


Simply stated, ACUITY LAN provides compute, storage, security, communications, powering and networking from compact, tactical and transportable ruggedized carrier.


You can now view this on-demand webinar at your convenience, and download slides from the webinar, hear more about:


  • Why micro data center “in a box” united with OLAN is better
  • How OLAN offers greater density and extended distance
  • Use cases for military, emergency and large venue networks

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