When It Comes To Transmitting Large High-resolution Images, Optical LAN Is Your Best Choice!

Imagine this – America’s premier scientists and analysts for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community are sitting around, eagerly anticipating enormous amounts of imagery data to download across their copper-based local area network. This legacy network lacks high speed connectivity, has known security weaknesses, and, worst of all, is unreliable. Meanwhile, the scientists and analysts specialized in geospatial intelligence continue waiting patiently for the image files to download – not good.


Now picture this – That same critical analysis of imagery and geospatial information is completed in a building, and across a campus, using Passive Optical LAN. With OLAN, the connectivity enjoys strict quality of service granted through a network traffic management profile that protects its committed bandwidth and guarantees its fastest delivery. The OLAN connectivity travels over fiber cables that are far more secure than copper cables, and OLAN’s centralized management ensures that consistent cybersecurity policies are adhered to. Finally, the OLAN equipment and architecture has confirmed network up-time reliability measured at 99.999% for the industry’s highest LAN availability and reliability compared to traditional LANs.


The second image is exactly the picture that Tellabs is painting to the good scientists, analysts, developers and staff from the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and academia who have gathered at this year’s SAREM Forum and Technology Exposition taking place at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.


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