2021 Optical LAN Online Seminars

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Event

We invite you to join our virtual, interactive and informative Tellabs Optical LAN Online Seminars scheduled for February 17 and 18 for our customers and partners, both current and future.

Tellabs Optical LAN Customer and Partner Online Seminar

  • Who: Customers and Partners, both current and future
  • When: February 17 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm ET
  • Why: See Tellabs OLAN’s new applications, technologies and business expansions for 2021

Tellabs Optical LAN Partner Online Seminar

  • Who: Partners-Only, both current and future
  • When: February 18 from 10:00am to 1:00pm ET
  • Why: Hear how Tellabs’ OLAN can drive success for your company and you in 2021

Tellabs continues to be the leader in Passive Optical Networking innovation. These seminars will be your chance to get firsthand knowledge of Tellabs FlexSym Series Optical LAN solution advancements. By attending you will gain valuable insight into how Optical LAN drives success for you, your company and the greater industry.

John Hoover, Tellabs Marketing Director
John Hoover
Director of Marketing
John Hoover is a Marketing Director at Tellabs and 2024 Board Chair of the Association for Promoting Optical LAN (APOLAN). Over the past 20 years, John has influenced industry milestones such as early passive optical network deployments, video implementations, wireless and more recently enterprise Passive Optical LAN adoption.