Always Connected Technology in High Demand at Erickson Living Communities

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Case Study

Noovis and Tellabs Optical LAN delivers high speed, high performance and secure connectivity for the residents, stores, restaurants and healthcare facilities at Erickson Living campuses.

Both the Erickson Living staff, and the residents that they endeavor to serve, are all true innovators. Both parties are committed to embracing 3rd millennium communication technologies.

For Erickson Living this means providing a modern high performance network infrastructure that can meet today’s connectivity needs for residence life, business services, fitness centers, clubs, dining, salon, pharmacy, general stores and healthcare services.

For the valued residents of Erickson Living communities this means always on and always connected access to high speed communication services ubiquitously across all devices – smart phones, tablets and computers. Critical to the Erickson Living staff and residents is the ability to access this 3rd millennium network from both wired and wireless connectivity.

Tellabs Passive Optical LAN is a simple, stable, secure and scalable solution that exceeds today’s communication and connectivity needs and lays the foundation for supporting Erickson Living’s multi-dwelling units (MDU) future technologies.

Passive Optical LAN
Passive Optical LAN is a fiber-based technology that assures unlimited bandwidth, breaks down traditional reach limitations of copper and interfaces seamlessly with today’s IP/Ethernet centric voice, video and high speed internet services – including wireless, security systems and smart building intelligence.

Passive Optical LAN centralized intelligence and management architecture speeds network installation, management and automation, while fortifying network policies and procedures that improves the speed of moves, adds and changes, while reducing the possibility of human error.

Erickson Living relied on long time Tellabs partner Noovis to provide the end-to-end network integration, including design, implementation and support. Noovis has an extended history serving the needs of Erickson Living’s modern high-performance, cottage-style senior living housing with fiber-based networks. Their work for Erickson Living included designing, installing, integrating and supporting the state-of-the-art Passive Optical LAN and connected devices. Noovis’ goal for all of the Erickson Living locations is to make the network simpler, enhance opportunities for IT staff success, as well as make community residents user experience second to none.

Synergies with Wireless
Passive Optical LAN is the most efficient means for Wi-Fi wireless access point connectivity and the fiber optical cabling makes distributed antenna systems (DAS) more affordable.

By taking advantage of the Passive OLAN’s capabilities, the Wi-Fi network can achieve better density and greater reach for improved performance and coverage. By decoupling the fiber infrastructure from the Wi-Fi electronics, Erickson Living can provide a more graceful migration to latest state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology.

Optical LAN and DAS that both utilize single mode fiber (SMF) can share fiber management, powering and backup power. Thus, balancing costs across both technologies.

Better Security
Fiber-based LAN infrastructure and Passive Optical LAN are proven solution for building more defensible LANs where security policies and procedures are implemented consistently.

Fiber optic cabling is more secure than copper cabling because fiber harder to tap and emit no electromagnetic signal that can be captured from the air waves.

Centralized intelligence and management of Passive Optical LANs assures consistent security policies and procedures are adhered to.

Always on and Always connected Solution
Optical LAN is the simple, secure, stable and scalable alternative to legacy copper-based LANs, that enables Erickson Living facilities and residents to overcome the challenges associated with a modern high performance communications network.

With Noovis integration and Tellabs Optical LAN, both Erickson and their residents are empowered to be true innovators today and into the future.


John Hoover

John Hoover

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