Optical LAN Network Planning & Design

Location: Public, Private, Virtual Delivery
Duration: 2.5 days
Class Size: 4-40 students
Lab Activities:
Target Audience: Network Operations

This instructor-led course provides knowledge and skills needed to plan and design a network for a Tellabs Optical LAN system. This class focuses on the job of network engineering. Using the latest Tellabs product catalog, participants will learn how to design a functional and efficient Tellabs Optical LAN deployment.

This course includes an in-depth introduction to the Tellabs Optical LAN system. Participants need not have a background in Optical LAN in order to benefit from this training.



Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the standards and codes that apply to Optical LAN installations.
  • Understand the link communication requirements of the Optical LAN network
  • Prescribe the proper Optical LAN equipment that meets the needs of the customer
  • Prescribe the proper fiber optic and power plant for the given communications equipment.
  • Generate the appropriate documentation for the planned installation.

Layer One Design Considerations

  • Procedure Outline
  • Determining the Optical LAN Solution
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Options
  • Optical LAN Link Budgets
  • ONT Mounting Options
  • Special Design Considerations
  • Best Practices for Optical LAN Design
  • Determining Optical LAN Fiber Needs
  • Remote Powering

Equipment Planning

  • OLT Equipment Planning
  • Power, Grounding, and Racking

Provisioning Planning

  • EMS and Management
  • Provisioning Planning

Practical Practice