Optical LAN Deployment Certification

Location: Public, Private, Virtual Delivery
Duration: 3 days
Class Size: 4-8 students
Lab Activities: None
Target Audience: Maintenance, Network Deployment, Network Operations, Technical Support

This certification curriculum provides the training and guidance to equip Tellabs customers and partners to properly install, turn up, configure, and test a Tellabs Optical LAN system. It is a 5-day lab-intensive program that has been designed to prepare the certification candidates with the knowledge and skills for a successful completion of the Tellabs Optical LAN Deployment Certification Test.

This certification curriculum is delivered via a combination of instructor lecture and instructor-guided lab activities. Students will be required to participate in a skills assessment.

The Tellabs Optical LAN Deployment Certification test is administered online through an independent proctoring organization.


Prior to taking this certification program, it is required that students have fundamental knowledge of the following areas:

  • Ethernet switching and routing, VLANs, IP sub-netting and basic Port security concepts
  • Public switched telephone network experience
  • Installation Fundamentals
  • Fiber Optic fundamentals

Upon completion of this curriculum, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the features and functionality of the Tellabs Optical LAN Access Solution
  • Describe the network and the common equipment functionality of the Tellabs Optical LAN Access Solution
  • Perform installation fundamentals including powering, grounding, and fiber connectivity
  • Perform turn up procedures for the Tellabs OLAN Network Element equipment (OLT)
  • Perform initial configuration procedures for the Tellabs Optical LAN equipment and services using the Tellabs Panorama EMS
  • Perform equipment testing and troubleshooting procedures

System Overview

  • Product Features Overview
  • Optical LAN Management Overview
  • Applicable Technology

System Equipment

  • OLT Equipment
  • Optical LAN ONT Equipment
  • DC Power Rectifier and Power Distribution Units


  • Physical Installation Procedures
  • Grounding
  • Turn-up and Test

EMS Operations

  • Navigate the Panorama PON Network Manager
  • Add and configure the Network Element
  • Configure links, ONTs, and Ports
  • Panorama Overview
  • NE Management

Service Provisioning

  • Create Customer Services
  • Data Service Creation
  • CLI Commands for Provisioning


  • Manage System Alarms and Status
  • Perform OLT Field Maintenance
  • Perform Maintenance Procedures
  • Using the Alarms and Events View
  • Using the Troubleshooting, Test, and Maintenance User’s Guide
  • Line Status
  • Tellabs Optical LAN Craft Interface
  • EMS Maintenance
  • Creating Reports

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