Improve the physical LAN's defensibility, enabling consistent protection policies that are centrally managed - all while reducing human error and increasing network stability .
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Optical LAN reduces network points of vulnerability

Recent history has far too many high-profile worst-case scenario examples of network data breaches, which are driving CIOs and IT pros to invest in transforming IT infrastructure and ensure that corporate info is secure, protected and highly available. This is why a many studies rank security as a top 10, if not the number 1, technology priority for businesses.

Tellabs Optical LAN solutions and Tellabs PON Manager play vital roles in providing a more secure LAN where security policies and procedures are implemented consistently, with fewer human errors and across a more reliable network.

Quick Facts


  • Global policies ensure consistent and repeatable error-free procedures.


  • Tight network access controls with centralized user management with role-based access reduces human touch


  • Consistent and repeatable network authentication and authorization mechanisms.


  • Industry leading bi-directional AES128 Encryption with churning key every minute is provided for ultimate security – that’s two-way encryption securing the downstream and upstream traffic!



  • The unmanaged ONTs store niether user nor network information locally.


  • HIPAA- and PCI-compliant LANs and deployment in the most secure government and military networks.


  • Fiber cabling is far more secure than copper cabling.


  • Option for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for network administrator access.


Lessen security impact on employee and business


There are real costs associated with data breaches. The LAN equipment and infrastructure are possible entry points for malicious activity. It is best for CIOs and IT pros to have a proactive data breach response plan, and with a proactive, highly secure Tellabs Optical LAN in place, CIOs and IT pros can benefit from lower loss costs, better KPI reviews and even lower insurance premiums. All of the above can also lead to a less stressful, more productive and healthier work environment with a highly secure LAN.


Improve element management security


A secure LAN starts with the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager, which is the element management interface for the Optical LAN. Within the Tellabs PON Manager, role-based access for users is established through strict authentication and authorization. This is where secure passwords are assigned and managed. Based on IT staff credentials, privileges are defined for what a user can view and modify. Then the activity of the IT staff can be tracked, which helps root cause analyses during trouble-shooting and can help with junior IT staff training. There is also options for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for network administrator access.


Greater defensibility for Optical LAN system-wide


Tellabs Optical LAN’s system-wide security and intelligence is managed centrally by OLT and, ultimately, Tellabs PON Manager. From an end-to-end system-wide standpoint, Tellabs Optical LAN provides powerful security measures at the physical layer, and the data layer, as well as users and subtended devices levels. This is inclusive of supporting industry leading policy managers, such as ForeScout CounterACT, Juniper Unified Access Control (UAC), Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), HP/Aruba ClearPass Policy Management and Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS). As well as best-in-class bi-directional AES128 encryption with churning key every minute for ultimate security – that’s two-way encryption securing the downstream and upstream traffic!


Fiber cabling is inherently more secure


The optical plant, also known as the fiber cabling infrastructure, can make significant contributions to overall security. Fiber optic cabling is more secure than copper cabling. Fiber is not susceptible to interference nor does it introduce interference. With fiber, you have no cross-talk, no EMI, no RFI and no EMP. There are also options for All-Secure PON armored, alarmed and 24/7/365 monitored fiber cabling.


Industry leading ONT security


The ONTs are inherently secure as well. Our ONTs are designed with no local management access. This is done because there are few needs for human touches at the ONTs. The ONTs are basically simple optical-to-electrical terminals. ONTs are highly secure and reliable, which ultimately helps improve security. Furthermore, Optical LAN has centralized intelligence and management; neither user nor network information is stored in the ONTs.


Exceed military, HIPAA and PCI requirements


The U.S. Federal Government and the Military were the early adopters of Tellabs Optical LAN due to its ability to improve network security both at the electronics and across the cabling infrastructure. Today, other industry verticals such as Healthcare (HIPAA), Education, Retail (PCI), Transportation, Gaming/Casino and Financial, are looking toward Optical LAN for the same security benefits.

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