Envistacom And Tellabs Optical LAN Deliver Better Scalability And Security For DoD DISA Global Operations Command At Scott AFB

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Blog

In a national news release distributed today, Tellabs expanded on the details for its contributions to the new DISA Global Operations Command facility at Scott Air Force Base. Commissioned on-time and $13 million dollars under budget, this high-tech facility is being touted as the most advanced networking systems available to the DoD and was specifically designed to meet the cyber-security needs of the modern warfighter.

Tellabs’ piece is the secure and scalable Passive Optical LAN (OLAN). OLAN is a more secure architecture for DISA because it significantly reduces the number of potential intrusion points, and through it centralized management, ensures that provisioning adheres to consistent policies. OLAN also provides better scalability by increasing data capacity and providing a graceful migration to future technologies across the fiber cabling infrastructure.

Many kudos are deserved by our partner Envistacom for their contributions to this successful OLAN deployment. Envistacom is the communications solutions provider that led the design and deployment of this fiber-based network architecture that lowered costs and increased security for the DISA Global Operation Command facility.

Tom Parisi
Tom Parisi
VP Federal Sales