Gartner recommends you consider Passive Optical LAN as an alternative network infrastructure, and we think you should too

In a new Gartner research paper titled “Does Passive Optical LAN Have a Future in Your Access Network?“, their analyst offers the recommendation that “Passive Optical LAN can be an alternative to the traditional structured cabling and Ethernet network when new LAN cabling infrastructure is needed.


Gartner, research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight for IT and other business leaders located across the world, make this recommendation that POL helps reduce building construction costs and simplifies network operations largely on them observing POL having these



  1. For greenfield deployments
  2. When there is a lack of local IT staff
  3. Where there are long cable runs
  4. When security is the highest priority


We agree wholeheartedly with the above four POL benefits and all the others that they discuss in the article. Overall, the research is fair and even speaks to the known challenges of POL.


To get your own copy of the Gartner research paper, we highly encourage you to pay the minimal $195.00 fee and download the report today.


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