How Optical LAN software defined networking solves US Air Force CIO’s top cyber security concerns

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Blog

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I was at the AFCEA NOVA monthly luncheon and enjoyed hearing Mr. Bill Marion (Deputy Chief, Information Dominance and Deputy Chief Information Officer, United States Air Force) speak about the US Air Force’s networks, policies, communications, resources management, and information assurance initiatives.

Of interest, was Mr. Marion’s comments about his top tenets for the Air Force’s cyber security efforts. What especially caught my attention was his tenet number eight that said,

Reduce device and operational attack surface. Less surface is easier to manage and defend.

To be clear, Mr. Marion’s use of the term “surface“ is meant to capture all the elements within the Air Force’s cyber security posture such as the networks, information, systems, people, hardware, software, and policies. Their cyber security posture, and information assurance (IA), reflects the strength of the Air Force to protect, detect, and react against malicious activities.

Why is this of interest?

Tellabs Optical LAN is the first best choice for the Air Force, and all the US armed forces, to reduce their device and operational attack surface. OLAN reduces threat of security breaches because of the following reasons:

  • Centralized intelligence and software defined networking management
    • Global policies ensure consistent security policies and procedures
    • More automation directly improves network security and reliability
    • Less human touch reduces possibility of errors
  • Reduce network vulnerability points
    • 1000s fewer devices to secure and STIG
    • 1 or 2 telecommunications room doors to protect vs 1000s
    • Eliminate ability to log into edge devices
  • Less human touch and faster speed time to deploy
    • Much shorter IA and STIG process
    • 1 or 2 devices to STIG vs 100s/1000s
  • And, fiber cabling is inherently more secure than copper
    • No emanation like copper
    • Difficult to tap
    • Enables alarmed fiber application

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Tom Parisi
Tom Parisi
VP Federal Sales