How Optical LANs offer reliability innovations to achieve leading network availability

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Article, Featured

Optical LAN's reliability innovations for leading network availability

You’ll want to read this Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine article “How optical LANs deliver availability, security, and reliability with low cost and complexity” to learn more about how innovative redundancy features, standards-based protection, strategic design, and centralized management, allow optical LANs to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of achieving the highest degree of network availability compared to traditional switched LANs. While some may still be skeptical, the enterprise customers deploying the technology speak volumes to the resiliency of an optical LAN because of its:

  • Innovative reliability that is vital to operations
  • Diverse fiber routes for first line of defense
  • Geographically diverse architecture for peak reliability
  • Strategic diversification design for mission critical connectivity
  • Centralized management that orchestrates it all

You can access this insightful article from CI&M magazine by clicking right here.