How to overcome architectural challenges of a modern workplace with Tellabs Optical LAN

In the modern workplace, gone are the black telephones, beige desktop computers, even the cluttered dedicated desks themselves, sunlight blocking walls, claustrophobic low ceiling and team collaboration stifling offices. What you do find in contemporary offices is expansive interiors and high ceilings, large windows for natural light and collaborative open office architecture – so that all begs the question, where do you hide the racks and stacks of local area network switches and their large ugly bundles of copper cabling?


In a north American news release distributed, along with an accompanying case study, we showcase how Kraus-Anderson utilized Tellabs Optical LAN architecture to solve challenges relative to cabling in an open office space, provide the best cybersecurity posture within a shared work environment and a high-performance network for both wired and wireless connectivity serving their elite downtown Minneapolis workforce.


Under the skilled leadership of our valued integrator ECSI, Kraus-Anderson’s brand-new headquarters building was able to achieve the following:

  • 85% space savings in cable pathways
  • 66% less equipment in main datacenter
  • 100% elimination of telecommunications rooms
  • Complements aesthetically pleasing architectural design
  • Provides strict security in open workspaces of modern enterprises
  • Centralized management that improves security
  • Tangible contribution to green initiatives
  • Higher 1G Ethernet density and 10G Ethernet ready infrastructure

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