If your PON system does NOT support these must-have business features, then it is NOT a true enterprise Tellabs Optical LAN

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Blog

Do you really want residential PON features supporting your business and mission critical network?

Tellabs Optical LAN delivers the key features needed in a true enterprise LAN – features that a residential-based PON offering just cannot meet. Your LAN is not just triple-play traffic flows (e.g. telephone, TV and Internet) between service provider and homes, and ONTs and their Gigabit Ethernet connections do not belong to just one user as they do in a residential service.

Your LAN requires Bridging.

  • Not all traffic should run from the end-user all the way back to the core router, such as local printers, Wi-Fi handoffs or local VoIP traffic. Having a PON OLT that requires the core router to hairpin this type of traffic adds costs, complexity and inefficiencies to your LAN.

Your LAN must support Port Isolation.

  • You need the ability to provide separate service types and security postures on each port in your modern Internet of Things (IoT) network. A 4-port ONT may be supporting HVAC management from one port and LED lighting, Wi-Fi WAPs and security cameras from the other ports. Each of these services or devices needs to be isolated from the others via multiple VLANs and strict security.

Your LAN also needs Port Security.

  • Dynamic Port Security postures and service assignments based on credentials (e.g. Network Access Control) must be supported by your PON system. This is critical for the back-house network at a hotel or resort, and any system supporting Point of Sale (PoS) equipment in a retail environment.

Your typical residential-based PON systems do not offer these key features that your true business enterprise LAN demands, and this is why you should use our true enterprise Tellabs Optical LAN solution instead.

To learn all about True Enterprise Optical LAN Must-Have features, you can read our comprehensive white paper on the topic.

Tom Dobozy