Introducing the new Singlemode to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter Jumper Cable

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Blog

Singlemode to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter

There’s a ton of Multimode Fiber (MMF) cabling running through-out enterprise networks! BSRIA estimated that worldwide sales for enterprise LAN applications of MMF is 78% for horizontal, backbone and campus fiber cabling.

So, what do you do if you want to take advantage of all the great benefits associated with Passive Optical LAN typically operated over Singlemode Fiber (SMF) cabling?

I’m very pleased to introduce the new Tellabs FlexSym Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter jumper cable that enables cost-effective re-use of existing MMF infrastructure for Passive Optical LAN inside buildings and across extended campuses.

This mode adapting jumper cable has a SMF interface to the passive optical splitter facing the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and a MMF interface to the cable infrastructure of the building. The Tellabs FlexSym SMF-MMF Modal Adapter has unique underlying technology that cancels modal dispersion association with MMF transmission.  This allows for the operation of 10G XGS-PON and 2.5G G-PON over MMF between the jumper and the Optical Network Terminals (ONT).

Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter jumper cable network diagram

The SMF-MMF Modal Adapter cable can scale enterprise LAN infrastructures regardless of SMF or MMF cabling. Existing MMF cabling can be repurposed to reach ONTs mounted in telecom rooms (intermediate distribution frames) within a building, ONTs mounted in plenum space, above ceilings, below ceilings, in walls, in office cubicles or at desks, or even in main distribution frames in the main data centers of remote buildings – all Tellabs ONT models are supported.

With the Modal Adapter cable, installations gain all the benefits of a Passive Optical Network, while economically using MMF cabling solution without the need to replace the MMF with SMF cabling. Furthermore, the one-to-one MMF jumper cabling solution saves costs by not stranding ports on passive optical splitters.

For more information, you can access our Tellabs FlexSym Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter 3-meters jumper cable solution summary online resources.

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Russ Kulpins
Russ Kulpins
Director Product Line Management