Jarrell ISD Modernizes Learning with Passive Optical Networking for Students, Teachers and Administration

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Blog

Modernizes Learning with Passive Optical Networking for Students, Teachers and Administration

In the pursuit of modernizing educational learning experience, Jarrell Independent School District (ISD) is constantly evolving to exceed the needs of its community. One of the key technologies making this possible for Jarrell ISD schools is Passive Optical Networking (PON).

A recent online post from Crux Solutions describes the PON installation at Jarrell ISD Double Creek Elementary School, including the contributions made by Huckabee (Architect) and Tellabs Optical LAN (PON equipment manufacturer) towards the success of this K-12 deployment.

PON is a fiber-based classroom and campus networking technology that offers a better way for students, teachers and administration to stay in front of the demands of digital transformation. For example, CRUX states that PON helps Jarrell ISD:

  • Consume fewer resources
  • Less expensive to maintain
  • Future ready to accommodate growth

CRUX explains how PON “doesn’t wear out” as it can be effortlessly upgraded to keep pace with ever-evolving education technologies, avoiding the cost and disruption of future campus network overhauls. Furthermore, this article expands on how Jarrell ISD’s top advantages of PON are:

  • Decreases space, power, cooling, and materials
  • Adaptability and longevity that minimizes future upgrades
  • Best digital experience possible while reducing costs

For Jarrell ISD, the PON system connects and powers (e.g., Power over Ethernet) smart school devices, including Wi-Fi wireless access points, VoIP handsets, displays, digital signage, projectors, computers, printers, access control panels, building management systems, intrusion detection systems, and surveillance cameras across their 117,000 square foot campus.

Jarrell ISD, Huckabee and CRUX’s commitment to PON is a testament to their unwavering dedication to enabling modern educational learning environment. By choosing PON, day-1 capital, ongoing operational and long-term upgrade costs have been minimized. All these positive attributes position Jarrell ISD as a model for the schools of tomorrow.

If you want to learn more about PON’s use at other K-12 schools, we encourage you to access the following online resources:

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