Optical LAN Centralized Software Defined Networking Management

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Article

Optical LAN Centralized Software Defined Network Management

Tellabs’ software-defined network management, named in the top-20 of the most promising SDN solution of 2019, delivers scalability and LAN agility through software-based actions, M2M automation and plug-and-play of sub-tended IoT devices in smart buildings.

Tellabs Optical LAN is based on centralized intelligence and centralized software-defined network management. This overarching network management software provides global profiles that control and orchestrate traffic management—SLAs set QoS, bandwidth, and security per service, device, and user. Thus, OLAN inherently allows network resources to be defined in software and dynamically allocated based on real-time needs—thus, better automation, and more M2M.

The OLAN design also improves security as it has fewer points of vulnerability (fewer devices and fewer complex full-functioning devices). Further, it delivers better network stability with high network availability with fewer moving parts with lower operational costs and capital costs.

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