Securing Your Business From The Inside With Passive Optical LAN

Our goal at Tellabs is to improve the physical LAN defensibility, enabling consistent protection policies that are centrally managed while reducing human error and increasing network stability. This will be my message at the Securing Your Business From All Sides seminar in Billings, Montana hosted by Big Sky Economic Development, which Tellabs has been invited to speak at.


There is what is known as the “hackers advantage” – that is, if the good people close thousand security gaps in a network, the bad people will simply move to the one next vulnerable opening. Staying ahead of the bad people is a monumental task, and as the IT security industry takes great effort to harden the higher application layers of the corporate LAN against cybersecurity threats, the physical and equipment layer can become the next target.


Tellabs Optical LAN improves the physical LAN defensibility because fiber cabling is more secure than copper cabling, and Tellabs ONTs store no user nor network information for hackers to steal. Furthermore, the centralized intelligence and management of OLAN assures the implementation of consistent, repeatable security policies and procedures while reducing human error. Finally, human error and network downtime both negatively impact the defensibility of the LAN, so OLAN’s low touch and high reliability greatly improves corporate cybersecurity posture.


If you are interested in reading more, the Tellabs Advanced Security Overview provides more information about how Passive Optical LAN improves LAN defensibility and directly improves corporate cybersecurity posture.