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From financial data to patient information to homeland security to enterprise services, there’s no time for network downtime. That’s why Tellabs Services offers a variety of technical support agreement options to meet the specific needs of your organization’s network.

A better way to operate networks

Infrastructure Protection Solution

Tellabs support agreements add to the value of the standard hardware repair warranty that comes with every Tellabs solution. You pick the mix of remote and on-site technical support, repair and replacement options, and updates and performance audits to make sure that your network delivers services that are always available.

No matter what option you select, Tellabs experienced and knowledgeable staff members are there whenever you need them during every stage of the network life cycle.

Tellabs is committed to a customer-first culture resulting in award winning services and support .

Flexible support agreement packages

Tellabs Support Agreement Packages provide ongoing support services to keep your network performing at peak levels. Select the option that works best for you. 

Multiple technical support options to meet your needs

Whether you need TAC support, on-site assistance or Network Performance Auditing, Tellabs has a team of technical assistance experts available to incorporate equipment from multiple vendors and multiple technologies 24×7, so you can be assured that your network is maintained and performing at its maximum performance.

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