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Unwavering support to our longstanding customers and their traditional copper-based service needs. The Tellabs 1000 MSAP continues to deliver a wide range of analog special services.

Network modernization without sacrificing legacy copper-based services

Tellabs 1000 MSAP can connect narrowband analog circuits like power grid and power substation monitoring

Service provider networks are evolving to take advantage of new technologies that support users’ insatiable demand for bandwidth. But change does not happen overnight, and legacy telecom services continue to remain an important part of network operations. In many cases, large and small businesses have made big investments in legacy equipment and related processes. When the companies expand to new locations, or add capacity, it often makes sense to continue deploying embedded technologies, and in some cases, government tariffs regulate that service providers must offer services that fall into the “legacy” category.

Tellabs Broadband products are well suited to meet the demands of all services in today’s connectivity with a clear path for network modernization. Tellabs is the industry’s only telecom equipment provider that supports service providers’ needs for all legacy services while simultaneously providing emerging services. Today, analog circuits still connect critical services such as: E911 services, power substation and power grids monitoring, monitoring circuits in general (e.g. dams), hotline ring down (e.g. airports), lottery machines, ATM machines, airport radio circuits, radar equipment, North America FAA circuits, radio control and dispatch in general, firebar ringing (e.g. fire stations), plus fire alarms and burglary alarms.

Quick Facts

  • The industry’s only fiber-fed IP-enabled digital loop carrier
  • Ethernet, ATM and TDM interworking across the Tellabs 1000
  • Legacy POTS, TR-57, GR-303, TR-008 circuits supported
  • Many T1 configurations and applications can be provided
  • ISDN, HDSL and DDS plug-in cards available
  • Same platform supports broadband services via VDSL2 and ADSL2+

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Tellabs Broadband FTTB Solutions Deliver Industry’s Lowest Cost, Least Disruptive and Fastest Time to Market

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Industry’s only Broadband DLC converging legacy copper and modern fiber connectivity

Traditional narrowband support options

Legacy telecom services continue to be an important part of how service providers deliver voice and digital services to customers. Tellabs Broadband products provide ongoing support for legacy services while providing a path for transitioning to newer technologies.

The Tellabs 1000 MSAP offers many legacy analog interfaces that support Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) two and four-wire switched and non-switched services. Examples of services include ISDN, Coin, DID/DOD, FXS/FXO, as well as support for Centrex and PBX.

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)

The cornerstone of many networks is POTS. The Tellabs 1000 MSAP (aka T1000, DMAX, AFC, UMC) provides POTS to residential and business subscribers in the access network and interface to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The Tellabs 1000 MSAP can interface with all Class 5 switches and supports all three standard interface types deployed in North America: universal with GR-57, and integrated with GR-08 and GR-303.

GR-303 interfaces support

The primary benefits of the Tellabs 1000 GR-303 interface include reduced costs for equipment, maintenance, and inventory, and no need for L-POTS, L-PAY, L-UVG or L-ISDN plug-in cards. There are reduced costs through efficient use of switch ports, increased revenue through greater subscriber concentration and dynamic time slot interchange and higher quality of service because of the digital interface, including increased modem speeds.

Special services

The Tellabs 1000 MSAP is the only, DLC available that can provide a full range of services. The following list provides examples of the analog special services; Direct Inward Dial Service (DID), Direct Outward Dial Service (DOD), 2- or 4-wire E&M Service usually used in the central office Equalized Transmission Only (ETO), Foreign Exchange service applications (FXO/FXS), Voice private line services (Leased line) — Analog, non-switched, 2- or 4-wire service, Off-premises extension — Analog 2-wire, Off-premises PBX — Analog 2-wire, PBX — Local PBX trunk service and Private Line Automatic Ringdown “hotline” service (PLAR).

T1 lines

The Tellabs 1000 MSAP offers multiple T1 options to provide services and network transport, including T1A modules for full 1.5 Mbps services (with and without line powering options), channelized T1 modules, supporting access to the individual 64 Kbps channels (with and without line powering options) along with HDSL2 (2-wire HDSL) and HDSL4 (4-wire HDSL) modules.

High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL)

The T1 HDSL2 Transceiver (T1HD2-XCVR) plug-in card provides a T1 rate interface, transmitting and receiving up to 24 DS-0s of voice or data over one copper wire pair. The T1HD2-XCVR does not use separate transmit and receive pairs. Instead, it uses one pair that provides bidirectional transmission.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a standard technology that supports many services, including radio circuits, business-to-business intranetwork connections and legacy DDS. Tellabs provides the capability to provide ISDN in switched networks in both universal and integrated switch interface configurations.

Digital Data Service (DDS)

Legacy DDS provides functionality in applications that need only relatively low bit rates. There’s no reason to blast large amounts of data and capacity at a function when only a small amount is required. Examples of the functions/services include bank ATM machines, retail store scanners and lottery machines.

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