Tellabs Advantage Partner of the Year Awards for Optical LAN 2023

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Blog

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The Tellabs Advantage Partner of the Year awards are all about celebrating you—our exceptional installers and integrators. Your unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements this past year have set you apart. These awards honor the global Optical LAN industry trailblazers, those of you who embody innovation and drive business growth with OLAN technology.

Our top partners are shining examples of pioneering new applications, capturing new customers and expanding into diverse vertical markets and regions. We couldn’t be prouder of how you represent Tellabs and your tremendous contributions to advancing our industry. Thank you for being the driving force behind our success!

Join us in celebrating these outstanding partners leading innovation and excellence. Your hard work and dedication make us all successful and we are thrilled to honor your achievements!

This year’s awards are presented to…

Federal Partner of the Year: Tyto Athene

This year’s Federal Partner of the Year award goes to Tyto Athene, a distinguished leader in comprehensive IT solutions for the US Federal Market. Their expertise spans Cyber, Mission-Focused Systems, and Network Infrastructure and they’ve recently expanded their market presence by acquiring a well-known Department of Defense IT professional services business.

Their recent success includes securing a substantial contract for infrastructure modernization with the US Army Europe, a testament to their exceptional capabilities. For over a decade, Tyto Athene has been a trusted partner, deploying our technology across various branches including the US Marine Corps, US Navy, Department of Energy and US Air Force.

Their innovative application of Passive Optical Networks (PON) to military bases is truly impressive. This strategy not only enhances network satisfaction but also improves operational efficiency. It’s this kind of forward-thinking approach that solidifies their leadership in the federal IT solutions space. Congratulations to Tyto Athene for their outstanding achievements and partnership!

Enterprise Partner of the Year: UberData

UberData NetworksThis year’s Enterprise Partner of the Year goes to UberData. Their commitment to excellence and strategic alliances with industry and vertical leaders have solidified their position as a leader in the field. UberData’s specialization in Passive Optical Networks sets them apart in the competitive integrator market, demonstrating their dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Their impressive track record speaks for itself. UberData has earned the Partner of the Year award multiple times, a testament to its ongoing success and impact. In 2023 alone, they achieved notable strategic wins, including projects at esteemed locations such as the Black Desert Resort and the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

Their contributions extend beyond hospitality, with significant upgrades in education sectors such as Jarrell ISD and Bethune Academy. UberData’s recent milestone—the inaugural deployment of Tellabs technology at a resort in Greece, in partnership with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group—underscores their commitment to innovation and excellence. Congratulations to UberData for this well-deserved recognition of their outstanding achievements!

Spirit of Service Award, dedicated in memory of Mike Novak

At Tellabs, our commitment to innovation extends beyond just superior network solutions. We prioritize leadership, social responsibility and sustainability in everything we do. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. Our team and partners go above and beyond to foster lasting relationships with our clients. It’s this personalized approach that forms the foundation of our success. 

We’re honored to present the Spirit of Service Award, dedicated to the memory of Mike Novak. Mike’s dedication and positive spirit inspire us all and this award is a testament to his lasting impact on our community. 

This year, the Spirit of Service Award recipient is April Ward! 

April is a true pillar of our team, known for her exceptional abilities in technical support which are matched only by her unwavering professionalism and dedication. From the meticulous creation and execution of test plans for high-availability applications at one of the world’s busiest airports to leading major deployment projects, April consistently delivers outstanding results. Her expertise extends to troubleshooting issues on third-party wireless systems and overseeing hardware and software upgrades for complex facilities. 

Yet, it’s not just about her remarkable accomplishments. April’s commitment to service excellence shines through in every interaction. Her acts of kindness, coaching and leadership not only inspire her colleagues but also leave a lasting impression on our partners and customers. She embodies the essence of professionalism, resilience and leadership, making her a true asset to our team. 

April is more than just a colleague; she is a beacon of excellence and a role model for women in technology. Her contributions have undoubtedly enriched our organization and it is an honor to recognize her unparalleled dedication and achievements. 

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Karen Leos
Karen Leos
VP Global Sales & Services