Tellabs Broadband FTTB Solutions Deliver Industry’s Lowest Cost, Least Disruptive and Fastest Time to Market

The Tellabs 1000 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) maximizes Service Providers’ broadband capabilities. Not only can the Tellabs 1000 MSAP be used for residential services, but it can also be used for high revenue business services.

The Tellabs™ Small 1048 Channel Bank Assembly (CBA1048) is ideal for these Fiber to the Business (FTTB) applications. The CBA1048 is right-sized with 14 slots that include 4 integrated common-control slots for processing and power plug-ins and 10 general-purpose slots that support any narrowband or broadband Tellabs 1000 MSAP business services, including POTS, DS0 Specials, DS1, DS3, ADSL2+, VDSL2 and 10/100M Ethernet.


A CBA1048 FTTB kit is inclusive of these six (6) items that can be ordered individually, or as a bundle:

  1. Small 1048 Channel Bank Assembly (CBA1048)
  2. CBA1048 Wall-Mount Swing Rack
  3. CBA1048 1RU Fan Tray  
  4. CBA1048 Rectifier Shelf and Modules  
  5. CBA1048 EMI Front Cover
  6. CBA1048 DC/Alarm/Fuse Block Cable Assembly

Our Service Provider customers that take advantage of the CBA1048 for FTTB applications often site the following as their key benefits achieved:

  • Lowest Cost – A simple business case comparison between A) integrated access, B) overlay and C) total replacement, favors the Tellabs integrated access solution. The Tellabs 1000 FTTB kits offer the best first port cost and best pay-as-you-grow analysis.
  • Least Disruptive – Leveraging existing embedded base of Tellabs 1000 for integrated access strategy truly is the least disruptive path forward when compared to the overlay or total replacement alternatives.
  • Fastest Time to Market – Start marketing business service in territories that already have Tellabs 1000 installed in the central offices. These existing embedded base platforms can immediately sub-tend FTTB kits.

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