Tellabs Panorama PON Manager Is The Foundation Of Our Software Defined Networking For LANs

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Blog

Tellabs Panorama PON Manager

In past we talked about how Optical LANs simplifies enterprise networks. We’ve explained that OLAN is based on centralized intelligence and management. This is all evident as OLAN scales by defining network resources in software and then dynamically allocating those resources based on real-time needs. OLAN does this by using policy-based controls that automate IT staff tasks, reduce human touch, improve operational efficiencies, lower network down time and tighten security.

At the heart of Optical LAN’s SDN management functionality is the Tellabs® Panorama™ PON Manager. With the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager, IT staff profits from low-touch centralized intelligence and management during day-1 installation and year-over-year business operations.

Panorama PON Manager can be implemented from anywhere, and most likely, it is accessed at a regional main data center.

  1. From there the IT staff can create global policies for OLT, ONTs, ports, users, sub-tended powered devices and services that flow dynamically across the Ethernet ports.
  2. IT pros can manage these global policies from main data center, or remote client session, allowing consistent error-free policies and procedures to be replicated across all regional locations.
  3. For on-going operations, the IT staff can effectively manage all regional LANs from a single Panorama PON Manager – managing the Ethernet connections and connected powered devices (e.g. WAPs, VoIP phones, IP cameras, etc.) as virtualized endpoints as a single system for quick performance monitoring and fast troubleshooting.

The San Diego Central Library is a large 9-story 497,652 square feet modern library facility with technology center, auditorium, teen center, children’s library, plaza and café all served by a single Tellabs Optical LAN system. You can watch this short video to hear the library’s IT staff explain how easy, and fast, it is to perform moves, adds and changes from one touch point using the Tellabs Panorama PON Manager.

This is all very important since less human touch speeds operational efficiencies, but it also directly improves network security and reliability!

If you would like to obtain more information about simplifying networks with Tellabs Optical LAN, please visit our online advanced operations resources.


John Hoover, Tellabs Marketing Director
John Hoover
Director of Marketing
John Hoover is a Marketing Director at Tellabs and 2024 Board Chair of the Association for Promoting Optical LAN (APOLAN). Over the past 20 years, John has influenced industry milestones such as early passive optical network deployments, video implementations, wireless and more recently enterprise Passive Optical LAN adoption.