Top Case Study Series: Passive Optical LAN enables McGough’s Open, Healthy and Smart office

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Blog

Passive Optical LAN enables McGough’s Open, Healthy and Smart office

McGough’s corporate headquarters effectively blends the old with the new. McGough did this by transforming an old trucking terminal into a modern work environment, and then expanding their office footprint with a brand-new two-story wing. To do this they needed a flexible network design that could adopt pure greenfield construction and brownfield modernization in the most efficient manner.

Tellabs Optical LAN, or OLAN, offered a perfect match for McGough’s desired office design. OLAN is based on centralized intelligence, and since the underlying network is “passive” there truly is nothing to manage between the main data room and endpoints. From a single management interface, the McGough IT staff can orchestrate their entire LAN as one virtual Ethernet switch. Furthermore, software management global profiles can be created to automate the connectivity of users, devices and service. This enables onsite employees to freely move around their contemporary workspace, and access the network anywhere, over a highly secure connection.

In summary, the key OLAN benefits for McGough are:

  • Convergence of multiple modern smart systems
  • Highly secure fiber-based infrastructure
  • Energy efficient for tangible contributions to green initiatives
  • Infrastructure design best for open and healthy work environments
  • Total end-to-end network managed from a single pane of glass

It is very important to us to have the ability to easily, and with the lowest possible costs and least disruption to our business, to change network technologies. Wi-Fi is a great example of a rapidly evolving technology. By building this network with singlemode fiber, and Tellabs Optical LAN, we have put ourselves in the best position to support whatever the future brings,” said Paul Boespflug, McGough’s Chief Technology Officer.

You can click here to read the complete OLAN case study for McGough titled “Passive Optical LAN enables McGough’s Open, Healthy and Smart office.” You can also watch our on-demand webcast replay titled “Best practices for Optical LAN enabling Open, Healthy and Smart building connectivity” which features the OLAN installation at McGough.

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Marcia Mark
Marcia Mark
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