Webinar: Why the Tellabs 1000 MSAP is the best choice for Network Transformation

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Event

Watch our on-demand webinar now and you will learn how the Tellabs 1000 MSAP systems can be better leveraged to cost-effectively modernize your access network from narrowband analog/TDM to broadband optical/IP – without abandoning narrowband revenues.

Webinar Replay:  Why the Tellabs 1000 MSAP is the first best choice for Network Transformation

Watch on-demand webinar now!

As both Tier I and Tier II service providers transition their networks to an all-IP Ethernet infrastructure, they struggle with the challenges of limited resources – equipment, human and money. First, there are limited choices for access gear that supports narrowband and broadband. Many of the legacy platforms have been MD’d, face replacement parts shortage and increase in failure rates. Even worse, by continuing to deliver lifeline POTS, and other critical business services, on these unsupported systems, service providers expose themselves to liabilities. On the human side of the equation, telcos are experiencing a widening internal skillset gap – retirements are accelerating and with them goes critical technical knowledge. Finally, the services providers continue to do business lean financial times. This all means that wireline network modernization projects have been delayed or even cancelled.

We can help you tackle a wide range of network transformation projects in a cost-effective manner, including:

  • Moving access networks from copper to optical
  • Shifting from TDM interfaces to Ethernet
  • Support of narrowband while delivering broadband services
  • 911 redundancy and diversity for 911 call center access
  • 1/0 digital cross-connect system (DCS) support
  • Class-5 Switch replacement to modern softswitches
  • And, collapsing remote switches to host switches

You can watch our on-demand webinar at your convenience.

Mike Kavanagh, Tellabs VP of Telco Sales
Mike Kavanagh
VP of Telco Sales