Are You Ready For The Next Threat?

by | May 16, 2017 | Blog

Threats to business operations come in many forms.  Business network threats come from malicious, negligent, external and internal humans – plus unplanned network downtime from equipment failure to fiber cabling cuts. Mother nature presents us with wild fires, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes and flooding. We hope none of this happens, yet we do need to anticipate and proactively plan for these possibilities.

We can assist our Broadband service provider customers by providing recovery and cutover systems on wheels, in suitcases or supplemental manpower to assess and restore services as quickly as possible.  We keep a close eye on disaster activity to make sure we bring together our Order Management, Supply Chain, Demand Management, Product Line Management, Customer Service and Sales teams to help customers in critical times.

We can help our enterprise Optical LAN customers mitigate risk with our Advance Security (defense against malicious attack), Advance Operations (reduce negligent events) and Advance Availability (lower network downtime) software packages.

Risk mitigation has been part of our DNA for years. As you assess and update your business continuity plans, Tellabs Professional Services stands ready to lend a hand.

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Karen Leos
Karen Leos
VP Global Sales & Services