Cybersecurity, Optical LAN And The U.S. Department Of Defense

by | May 24, 2017 | Blog

Last week we were at the AFCEA Hampton Roads Chapter-hosted 2017 Maritime Summit and Department of the Navy CIO IT Conference, contributing to the industry conversations surrounding cybersecurity, Optical LAN and the US Department of Defense.

Tellabs Optical LAN helps owners and operators of critical infrastructure improve their cybersecurity posture by implementing an IT infrastructure that eliminates vulnerability points, requires fewer devices to secure and is more stable with less network downtime. On top of all that, fiber cabling is inherently more secure than copper cable, since it is more difficult to tap and it does not introduce electro-magnetic radition, nor is it susceptible to it.


This month, AFCEA Signal Magazine published a resourceful article titled “A Triple Threat to The Private Sector” that provides good advice relative to insider attacks for both the private sector and federal government. In the article, author Mark J. Maier outlines a 3-pronged approach for defending against terror, cyber and insider attacks:

  1. Consider attackers’ targets, motivations and means of attack
  2. Prioritize threats based on their likelihood of success and possible damage.
  3. Rank corporate assets relative to severity of liabilities

To learn more about how military-grade Optical LAN can improve your company’s cybersecurity posture, you can visit our Security webpage.

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Tom Parisi
Tom Parisi
VP Federal Sales