Better Flexibility and Economics with Tellabs Optical LAN Multimode Fiber Option

by | Sep 10, 2018 | News Release

The new Tellabs FlexSym® Singlemode to Multimode Splitters enable cost-effective re-use of existing multimode fiber cabling for Passive Optical LANs inside buildings and across a campus.

Dallas, Texas: Tellabs, the leading provider of Passive Optical LAN (POL) solutions, is introducing new Tellabs FlexSym singlemode fiber to multimode fiber 2×8 and 2×16 splitters. The Tellabs FlexSym splitters open-up existing multimode (MM) fiber deployments to the benefits of Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN), saving the time and expense of replacing existing multimode fiber with singlemode (SM) fiber.

Both the Tellabs FlexSym® SM-MM 2×8 Splitter and Tellabs FlexSym® SM-MM 2×16 Splitter are built using technology from CAILabs, who are experts in the physics of photon transmission. This, combined with Tellabs’ POL leadership position and early pioneering of POL industry advancements led to the development of this innovative product line bringing increased efficiency to POL deployments in existing buildings and across a campus.

The Tellabs FlexSym Singlemode to Multimode Splitter solution offers greater flexibility for Optical LAN design and better economics for OLAN upgrades.

  • Enables Passive Optical LAN over existing multimode fiber
  • Supports OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 fiber cable types
  • Optional support for Type-B dual PON protection for optimal network resiliency
  • Use cases where multimode fiber cabling exists inside buildings in risers, horizontal and access drop portions of the enterprise LAN

We have both commercial and federal government customers that can now move forward with Passive Optical LAN retrofits because this singlemode to multimode splitter allows them to leverage existing multimode fiber cabling inside their building, which substantially lowers the total cost of their network upgrade,” said Jim Norrod, Tellabs President and CEO. “The net result is they cost-effectively update their network to Tellabs OLAN, which gives them better security, has software defined LAN functions today and stands ready to support 10G speeds when and where needed.”

We will be showcasing the Tellabs FlexSym Singlemode to Multimode Splitter at BICSI Fall 2018 at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas from September 9th through 13th. We invite you to visit our exhibitor booth #300 to see our new products first-hand.

More detailed information about the two Tellabs FlexSym SM-MM Splitters can be accessed at the following links


About Tellabs
Tellabs is leading network innovations with access technologies built to exceed today’s demands while delivering modern high-performance solutions for the future. Fast and secure access has never been in more demand for enterprise and government connectivity. Tellabs’ sole focus is to deliver simple, secure, scalable, stable access to optimize network performance. Tellabs has delivered carrier-class access solutions to service providers for more than two decades. We are now expanding that leadership by defining the future of enterprise networking that connects the campus, buildings and inspires people.

About CAILabs
Created in June 2013, CAILabs is a French deep tech company developing, manufacturing and selling innovative photonic solutions for telecommunications and industrial laser applications. CAILabs has developed an innovative technology for the processing of light beams. Since 2014, the company has been marketing innovative products which increase fiber optic flow. In 2015 and in 2017, the Japanese operator KDDI set the world record for fiber optic capacity using CAILabs’ components. Since 2016, the AROONA solution for fiber optic LANs has obtained numerous innovation awards worldwide.

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John Hoover

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John Hoover, Tellabs Marketing Director
John Hoover
Director of Marketing
John Hoover is a Marketing Director at Tellabs and 2024 Board Chair of the Association for Promoting Optical LAN (APOLAN). Over the past 20 years, John has influenced industry milestones such as early passive optical network deployments, video implementations, wireless and more recently enterprise Passive Optical LAN adoption.