Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN) is a simple, scalable, stable and secure fiber-based enterprise network solution. It simplifies the design, build and operations of local area networks that continue to grow more complex. Most importantly, Tellabs Optical LAN delivers ultimate security in conjunction with inherently more secure fiber cabling, centralized management that ensures consistent policies and procedures and fewer points of network access vulnerability.
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Offering better scalability with greater connectivity in a smaller footprint that exceeds future network demands

Enterprise LAN infrastructure is stagnant while demands on LAN services, infrastructure, equipment and operations are constantly increasing (e.g. IoT, BYOD, cloud, big data, SDN/NFV, security and wireless). The common solution for adapting a LAN (e.g. add more ports, cards, switches, software) negatively impacts the state it intends to fix (e.g. operational efficiency deteriorates, LAN uptime declines and security is compromised). This dilemma introduces additional complexities that render the LAN nearly unmanageable by humans. Furthermore, the added complexity, high human touch, poor future migration path and projected costs to fix are unreasonable.

Tellabs Optical LAN (OLAN) helps enterprise LAN customers build modern, high-performance networks that deliver four key advantages over legacy copper-based technologies: Simple, Scalable, Stable and Secure. Tellabs Optical LAN is simple because it has less mid-span equipment and the ONTs are unmanaged, highly reliable devices. Additional simplicity is achieved with intelligence and management that is centralized and automated, making daily moves, adds and changes easier and faster. Better scalability is achieved through greater connectivity density in a smaller footprint along with a graceful migration path to future technologies. Best-in-class stability is attained by having fewer moving parts to break, less potential for human error and carrier-class componentry. Finally, Optical LANs have better security, as fiber cabling is inherently more secure, the system has fewer points of vulnerability, centralized management ensures consistent security policies and procedures and requires fewer human touches.

Quick Facts

  • One OLT connects thousands of passive gigabit Ethernet end-points across an optical network stretching miles across.
  • Software-defined resources are dynamically allocated based on real-time requirements.
  • Four times greater Gigabit Ethernet port density in 90% less space.
  • Reduces network downtimes, increases productivity and saves money.
  • Fewer points of network vulnerability.
  • Reduces cabling and eliminates telecommunications rooms, lowering network costs.
  • Global policies ensure consistent and repeatable, error-free procedures.
  • Fiber cabling is far more secure than copper cabling.

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Enterprise Industries

Tellabs enterprise solutions are deploying through-out an industry leading array of unique market verticals. This affords Tellabs a wealth of knowledge and experience from supporting large-scale systems across many diverse enterprise industries.

Enterprise Technologies

A growing number of businesses and government entities are deploying Tellabs' fiber-based enterprise LAN technologies that optimize network performance and realize fiber’s long list of dramatic, measurable advantages and benefits compared with legacy copper LANs.

Express Bundles

A simple, yet scalable, true enterprise Passive Optical LAN solution where one low price, and one orderable part number, delivers 200 to 800 gigabit Ethernet connections.

10G Optical LAN

Tellabs FlexSym Series provides a graceful migration to future 10G and 40G generations of enterprise Passive Optical LAN.

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