Tellabs Optical LAN for Federal Government
A more secure and modern fiber-based network that exceeds agencies mission-critical needs.
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Innovative field-proven solution for all agencies

Government networks struggle to keep pace with digital workplace advancements, and business agility progress, in the face of constantly growing cybersecurity threats. Meanwhile, network modernization, and sustainability efforts, are being negatively impacted by a constant state of change in agency leadership, mission and budget constraints. The time is now to break the legacy network design status quo.

Passive Optical LAN is a modern, fiber-based network exceeding agencies’ mission-critical needs. It is standards-based, government tested and widely deployed across multiple agencies, both civilian and defense, in support of network modernization. These agencies have chosen Tellabs Optical LAN because it helps the digital transformation with a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Quick Facts


  • Agencies have saved millions of dollars in day-1 CapEx and year-over-year OpEx with Optical LAN.


  • Optical LANs can be operated with 75% less IT staff compared to copper-based LANs.


  • The data center, telecommunications and pathway space physical impact of equipment and cabling can be reduced by up to 90%.



  • Manage whole IP network via a few IP addresses versus the hundreds of IP address managed with legacy switched networks.


  • Fewer moving parts to break, and less potential for human error, and carrier-class componentry.


  • It is possible for facilities to reduce power consumption by up to 65% with Optical LAN.


Optical LAN is a smart choice that saves money


More and more Government agencies are seeing the dramatic advantages that Passive Optical LANs have over traditional copper-based infrastructure. With the Optical LAN solution (currently based on G-PON and advanced Ethernet) added to the DoD Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification Approved Product List (APL) more than seven years ago, Tellabs has demonstrated that the solution meets the strict security, reliability and scalability requirements that power our government’s infrastructure. Tellabs Optical LAN solution is an innovative, field-proven and cutting-edge solution to the growing network complexities and green mandates that challenge every agency.


Passive Optical LAN helps to enable ultra-reliable communications that meet the mission-critical needs of government. Many of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers trust Tellabs network solutions to provide their customers with reliable, quality services. More than three decades of engineering expertise and JITC-certified products make Tellabs an excellent partner to exceed the needs of modern government connectivity.


Reduce Network Vulnerability Points


Fiber cabling is inherently more secure than copper, while the system has less points of vulnerability, centralized management ensures consistent security policies/procedures and requires less human touch to manage.


Software Defined Technology Today


SDN allows network resources to be defined in software and dynamically allocated based on real-time needs with a cost-efficient path to open-source standards-based true software defined networking. It is easy to manage with centralized intelligence and management, plus policy-based global templates profiles for consistent policies/procedures that improves IT staff hiring, skill-set gaps and retention.


Collapse and Converge over Fiber


Greater connectivity density in less footprint, materials and cost – along with a graceful migration to future 10G/40G technologies over today’s single-mode fiber infrastructure.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership


Both capital and operational savings with lowers network equipment CapEx costs by up to 30–50% and operational costs up to 50–70% compared to traditional copper-based data networks, and where voice and video convergence is required, further enhancements to this business case can be enjoyed.

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