Fiber Innovations
Tellabs is an innovation leader in fiber-based technologies. Tellabs has many first to market successes and a long history of constant investments in fiber optic R&D innovations.

Leading fiber-based connectivity for building and campus

The useful life expectancy of traditional enterprise network infrastructure is regrettably short. At each one of these technology upgrades, the equipment and cable manufacturers expected you to rip-and-replace your hardware and infrastructure. The problem is that every technology advancement introduces significant business disruption, complexity and costs.

There needs to be a better way to build and operate networks!

Fiber optic technology is the safest and smartest investment.

Fiber cabling is smaller, lighter and stronger, having better bend radius, higher bandwidth capacity, and longer reach. It has no electromagnetic interference impact, faster connector solutions, longer life and non-corrosive, making it more secure and less expensive.

Passive Optical LAN architecture speeds IT productivity through simplification. It reduces network vulnerability points. It offers flexible design options to economically right-size network capacity and density. POL is a smart investment for modern fiber-based connectivity inside buildings and across extended campus.

So, what else can we do with fiber?

Quick Facts


  • Fiber delivers better investment protection with its superior extended life.


  • Fiber optic infrastructure is significantly more environmentally sustainable.


  • Fiber inside buildings, and in the outside plant, is technology independent.



  • Fiber optic technology offers graceful migration from 1 gigabit to 100 gigabits.


  • Fiber cabling is inherently more secure and reliable than copper cabling.


  • Fiber, in particular singlemode fiber, has no known bandwidth capacity ceiling.


Constant innovations in access networking and passive optical networking

Infrastructure Protection Solutions


Tellabs Infrastructure Protection Solutions secures, alarms and monitors mission critical enterprise infrastructure in real-time. This fiber-based technology ensures scalable fortification of corporate resources, access, buildings and extended campus. It simplifies security operations with centralized software defined management of perimeter, pathways and assets.

This fiber optic solution provides real-time visibility into critical physical-layer security using alarmed fiber cabling and fiber optic sensor technology. It is a faster low-cost replacement of daily physical inspections by error prone humans. By leveraging alarmed fiber and sensors, it offers flexible design for protecting resources across many different infrastructure types.

Tellabs Infrastructure Protection Solutions centralized software-based management for alarmed fiber and sensor technology has a large number of proven applications, such as:


  • Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) alarmed protective distribution system
  • Perimeter, pathway, and access monitoring (e.g. fence, cage, door, manhole)
  • Data center, telecom rooms and enclosure protection (e.g. cage, door, floor, cabinet)
  • Asset Management (e.g. contact sensors, RFID integration)

For more details, please access our Tellabs Protect solution overview.


Tactical and Transportable Networking

The ACUITY® LAN by Tyto Athene, is tactical, temporary and transportable networking solution that leverages Tellabs (OLAN) to ensure communications readiness in a two person carry form-factor. ACUITY LAN provides a network that is easy to transport, set-up, teardown, power-on and provide a multitude of services. ACUITY LAN spans long distances and allows remote powering of ONT and Power over Ethernet in a reliable, secure, ruggedized system. ACUITY LAN includes Tellabs FlexSym® Optical Line Terminal One (OLT1), Tellabs FlexSym® Optical Network Terminal 248 (ONT248) and ONT Power/Splitter which provides up to 900 feet of typical low voltage or up to 1.2 miles of digital power.

Before ACUITY, setting up communications and IT in adverse conditions required truckloads of equipment and up to 20 or more personnel. Tactical teams were often forced to use ad-hoc solutions that were not interoperable, leaving even more issues to resolve – taking hours or even days to operationalize. By creating ACUITY LAN, Tyto Athene and Tellabs are able to provide compute, storage, security, communications, wired plus wireless connectivity, and networking power built to support teams at the tactical edge.

To learn more, we invite you to contact one of our subject matter experts directly using our automated Contact Us Form.

Singlemode to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter


The Tellabs FlexSym Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter jumper cable enables cost-effective re-use of existing multimode fiber infrastructure for Passive Optical LAN infrastructure inside buildings and across extended campuses.

This mode adapting jumper cable that has Singlemode Fiber (SMF) connector to the passive optical splitter facing the Optical Line Terminal (OLT). This allows for the operation of 10G XGS-PON and 2.5G G-PON over Multimode Fiber (MMF) between the jumper and the Optical Network Terminals (ONT). The Tellabs FlexSym SMF-MMF Modal Adapter Cable has unique underlying technology that cancels modal dispersion association with MMF transmission.

The SMF-MMF Modal Adapter cable can scale enterprise LAN infrastructure regardless of SMF or MMF cabling. Existing MMF cabling can be repurposed to reach ONTs mounted in telecom rooms (intermediate distribution frames) within a building, and ONTs mounted in plenum space, above ceilings, below ceilings, in walls, in office cubicles or at desks, or even in main distribution frames in the main data centers of remote buildings – all Tellabs ONT models are supported.

For more information, please access our Tellabs FlexSym Singlemode Fiber to Multimode Fiber Modal Adapter 3-meters jumper cable data sheet.

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