Have Confidence! Independent Performance Testing Of Tellabs’ Optical LAN Is Available For You

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Blog

Do you ever wonder how Tellabs Optical LAN is really performing in one of its oldest, largest, and high-security customer networks? Have confidence: that very customer will tell you exactly how Tellabs is performing in a detailed 146-page performance evaluation of their OLAN system software and hardware.

It has been over 5 years since Sandia National Laboratories chose Passive Optical LAN as their future-proof fiber-based enterprise network. In 2013, it won the Grand Award in Engineering from Popular Science magazine, who called it the “world’s largest fiber optic network.“ Since then, over 14,000 ONTs have been installed, serving 265 buildings and saving millions of dollars in operational costs in addition to millions of kilowatts in energy savings.

The Sandia evaluation presents the results of extensive laboratory and field testing of the Tellabs OLAN relative to bandwidth, VoIP tests, streaming video tests, VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (zero client) tests, 802.1X authentication and access control lists security tests, management tests, and end-user field tests. There were extensive end-user field tests for numerous corporate applications including web access, DHCP, multicast, diskless booting, email, file transfers to and from corporate storage systems, corporate streaming video, streaming audio, and printing. Under all of these tests, Sandia confirmed that the Tellabs Optical LAN system worked well.


Tom Parisi
Tom Parisi
VP Federal Sales